Advertising investment in digital media grows 9%

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Over the past year, advertising investment in digital media grew 9%. These figures place the total investment in this type of environment at 31% of the total advertising «cake», which is close to the total of conventional media such as TV, to which a share of 38.9% belongs.

Investment in digital media advertising increases by almost 10 percentage points from 2016 to 2017

The data, published by IAB Spain, shows that the total investment in digital advertising in our country was 1,708 million euros in 2017. This rise represents a penetration of 31% with respect to total advertising investment, placing this type of advertising in the second place, only behind television.

The sectors in which more has been invested have been automotive (25.3%), retail (10.5%) and food and beverages (9.8%), and the brands that invested the most were El Corte Inglés, Grupo Vaesa and Renault.

Another novelty is the increase in multi-device campaigns, which are around 90%. This means that advertising campaigns are designed thinking of mobiles, tablets and computers at the same time, instead of focusing only on a single device.

The advertising that is displayed based on the searches made by users, known as «search», is the advertising that is invested the most . It constitutes 51% of the total investment, which represents 871 million euros.

Display advertising, that is, advertising displayed in the form of banners, is in second place. This variant occupies 80% of the investment in conventional formats, and takes 35.5% of the total investment in digital advertising in all its formats.

Finally, audiovisual advertising accounts for 10% of the digital advertising investment in our country, with In Stream formats being the most used (73.6%) compared to Out Stream (26.3%).

On the other hand, investment in Digital Signage , which represents 2.7% of the total, has increased 60% compared to the previous year, which is a very significant increase. This type of advertising consists of the emission of digital content through screens, touch panels or totems, which are generally located near the point of sale.

Brian Rattay

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