A bug in WhatsApp does not show the "online" or the last connection time

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Bad news this Friday for those people who usually "control" if their WhatsApp contacts are connected -with the classic "online" message – or who consult their account to know the last connection time (if the user has this data as public, if you do not want to show it, here we tell you how).

WhatsApp is experiencing a technical failure globally

Since this afternoon, WhatsApp is experiencing a technical problem that affects the privacy levels of users. The error prevents the last connection time from being displayed, and who is "online" is also not displayed.

Many users have reported the failure on other social networks such as Twitter, and the Downdetector website, which monitors the correct operation of hundreds of web pages and online services, indicates that incidents are being registered in the WhatsApp service throughout the world.

Spain is one of the many affected countries, as can be seen from the updated map displayed on the aforementioned website. The incidence is experienced especially in Northern European countries, but also in Argentina, Mexico and Brazil, among other countries, users are encountering significant problems using WhatsApp.

It is not the only error that is occurring, since some users have also pointed out that they have errors when connecting and that some messages have to be sent several times until their transmission is achieved. At TreceBits we have verified that neither by changing the privacy settings of the profile and allowing "everyone" to view the status online, or by selecting any other of the possible options, the issue is solved.

WhatsApp has not officially confirmed the error, nor has it even offered an official explanation through its common communication channels, such as its Twitter account. We will have to wait for the problem to be solved to, perhaps, get an explanation and know why this failure has occurred worldwide.

Are you experiencing the error? We are waiting your comments.

Tom Walsh

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