5 Instagram features you probably didn't know about

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Instagram has more than a billion users worldwide. If you are one of them, you will surely be interested in knowing some little-known functionalities and tricks that this social network hides. In this article we have compiled five that you might not know existed, and that, in most cases, can be activated from the mobile version or from the web version:

Everyone knows how to upload photos and videos on Instagram, but maybe you did not know these functions

-How to know if someone has logged in with your account : this trick lets you know if a user's account session has been started without their consent. For this you must enter the Instagram account, enter the profile and press the gear symbol (Settings). There, it goes to the "Privacy and security" tab. When entering, you must select "Account activity" and press the link "see all" at login.

-Create a profile ID on Instagram : this functionality allows the user to create a bidi code so that others can follow him just by scanning an image. You won't even have to give your account name, just show that photo with your ID and the others can quickly follow you. To create it you must go to the Instagram account and enter the menu. There, the "Identification Card" option is selected. Within its settings you can choose the color, an emoji and a selfie. When finished, the "Share" button is pressed. To scan, follow the same steps, but press the "Scan" button.

-Two-step verification : this option, available only since 2018, serves to protect the account and prevent it from being logged on to another device. To do this, you must enter the user profile menu and select the "Two-step verification" option. What happens is that when activating this function, the user will receive a code on their mobile or email that they must include whenever they want to log in. If you don't, it doesn't matter if you have the username and password, the system won't give you access to the account.

-Instagram «light» : Instagram has a lighter version, which does not take up much space on the mobile and also needs less data to consume. It's called Instagram Lite and it's available on the Google Play Store. It doesn't have all the features of the original Instagram app, but you can post photos, edit them with filters, post and view stories, access the browser, and send messages to contacts.

-How to view stories on Instagram anonymously : in order to see the Stories of other contacts without being seen, it is necessary to go to the web version of Instagram. Once there, the user must install an extension in their browser that allows them to see the stories without being seen and even download them. One of them is, for example, Chrome IG Story, a Google Chrome extension that, when installed, will show an icon at the top of the browser and, when you click on it, two options will appear "Go to Instagram" or " See the stories ».