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16% of Internet users have paid to watch videos online

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Brands have in advertising through online video a very direct opportunity to reach their audience and achieve their goals. According to the 2018 Annual Online Video Study , carried out by IAB Spain, 95% of Internet users aged 16 to 65 in Spain, just over 24 million users, regularly consume videos on the Internet.

69% of people who have seen online advertising remember it

The report indicates that the advertising campaigns that are developed in this type of content are more effective. Respondents accept advertising in exchange for viewing free online content, and that advertising would prefer to be viewed in pre-roll format.

It is an advertising format that encourages memory . 69% of respondents recall seeing online video advertising, and compared to traditional TV advertising, advertising in this type of media is perceived as less intrusive or annoying.

In addition, there is a significant change in mentality in the way users consume online video content. In fact, you are more predisposed to pay than a few years ago if the content is of quality.

50% of respondents would be willing to pay something to see a certain content (3.91 euros, on average), with video games being the category that would pay the most. At a monthly level, the scale ranges from 7 euros to 30 euros.

It should be noted that 16% of users have paid to watch video online, especially for consuming series, movies or sports. In 2015 the figure was 12%, so the increase is considerable.

Music (video clips, concerts …) and online series and movies are the most consumed content, especially among young people. Among the oldest Internet users, it is documentaries and news that occupy the first place.

By sex, the consumption of sports broadcasts and adult content predominates among men, while cooking and beauty topics are the ones that most interest women Internet users.

The preferred device for viewing content online is the desktop or laptop, followed by the mobile phone. On average, 23% of the content consumed is live and 77% delayed.

In addition, there is more and more interaction with online content, up to 25% more than a year ago. Mainly, users do so to express their opinion, with Internet users between 16 and 24 years of age being the most likely to comment.